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About Us

Pavane Solutions Inc., is a global software company delivering efficient, cost effective and reliable business processes with quality and value added professionals. We adopt advanced technologies and business practices in building systems to integrate business strategy, operational models, and customer relationships into a framework of transaction privacy, assurance and security.

To provide best of the breed and cost effective solutions .We develop human intellectual capital to meet an organization's information technology goals using the optimal mix of internal staff, outside consulting resources, and project outsourcing.

Pavane Solutions Inc., allow companies and IT departments to take a strategic approach to securing the knowledge resources needed to accomplish their information technology objectives. Some technology initiatives may require mission-critical skills that will be needed for extended periods of time or by internal staff. Other initiatives may have shorter life cycles and are best suited to using third party consulting resources. Still other initiatives are so complex that they require a specific specialty or industry focus that leverages experience and expertise. No matter which approach is required, Pavane Inc offers a value-added solution that matches your goals and needs.



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